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  • 02:37:06 pm on January 6, 2007 | 0

    THE BURBERRY icons collection, launched for autumn/winter 2006-7, was one of the most covetable last season, with the Manor bag featuring on the arms of both Kate Moss and Kate Middleton, no less. And for spring/summer 2007 it’s looking even better, with the Beaton bag (as seen on Moss’ arm in the new ad campaign), set to be this year’s big thing. Available in ochre python, pale grey python, trench quilted patent leather and metallic woven python, the Beaton will cost between £1,000 and £4,800 and will go on sale in stores nationwide in March 2007. Featuring silver hardware, the leather covered trenchcoat buckle strap and fitted pockets for mobile phones, MP3 players and PDAs, it is bound to be at the top of the accessory game next season. (January 5 2007, AM)
    Dolly Jones


    Tags: woven | trench | quilted | covetable | buckle | Middleton | Burberry | Beaton | trenchcoat | strap | stores | seen | sale | python | pockets | players | PHONES | Patent | pale | ochre | nationwide | mobile | metallic | Looking | leather | launched | icons | hardware | grey | fitted | featuring | covered | collection | bound | arms | ACCESSORY | PDAs | moss | march | MANOR | kate | Culture


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