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  • 06:36:42 pm on January 6, 2007 | 0

    (AGI) – Rome, Jan. 6 – On the world schedules for fashion shows there is to be a change, but orders are not taken from New York. This was said by the owner of AltaRoma and possible candidate for the presidency of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, Stefano Dominella, in talking to AGI about the requests from the USA to put off the shows by one week in London, Milan and Paris. Accepting the encouragement by the Americans to set in motion talks on the subject, the president of the National Chamber of Fashion, Mario Boselli, has set up a meeting with his French counterpart, the Federation Francaise della Couture, for January 24. “Boselli will surely put a check on their demands,” said Dominella, “and the Americans should calm down a bit, seeing as they live in the shadow of Italian and French fashion. What should be reinforced, instead, is the relationship with Paris which, as shown by this request for a meeting, makes Europe unbeatable.” (AGI) –
    061633 GEN 07[/q]

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