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  • 12:05:52 am on January 7, 2007 | 0

    Mirror Work. Do you do it? Do you know what it is?
    If you answered “no” to either of these questions – you shouldn’t be calling yourself a model. Top models practice daily and Mirror Work is how they do it.
    Athletes, Musicians, Singers, Actors – they ALL practice to become good at what they do.
    So what IS Mirror Work? It is “Muscle Memory”
    If you have ever played organized sports – your coaches talked to you about “muscle memory.” I’ll give you an example – in the sport of Baseball, players take batting practice before every game. Before each at bat – the player stands in the On Deck Circle and swings the bat over and over again. All of this practice is for the purpose of training the body and its muscles how to swing the bat.


    Tags: Swing | Stands | sport | player | MUSCLE | Model | Culture


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