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  • 05:49:45 pm on January 8, 2007 | 0

    The Truth about Modeling and what expenses a model is really responsible for.
    Desire and expenses are areas that seem to introduce the most confusion between inexperienced models and agencies.
    Modeling agencies often hear new models say “Well, if you liked me you would pay and invest in everything for me”. Unfortunately, the miss-information surrounding modeling companies paying for expenses is grossly exaggerated and often wishful thinking on the part of new models who don’t understand how the entertainment industry really works.
    First understand that models have been told “don’t pay an agency to represent you” – that is very true. But that is much different from investing in your own basic start-up costs that don’t involve the agency, such as photo shoots, composite cards, etc. These are services you may need from outside sources such as photographers, stylists, printers, etc to land an agency or perhaps client.
    Agencies that were willing to finance the careers of new models were much more prevalent in the 1980’s (the Supermodel era) than they are today.


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