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  • 04:06:43 pm on January 9, 2007 | 0

    In the past five years, the business of model management has faced a series of catalysts which in themselves demand change. Primary among these catalysts has been the radical re-positioning executed by a flank of Holllywood talent managers, agents and publicists in their attitude towards the fashion industry. There is no company in the modeling industry unaware that modeling talent is now competing with actors and musicians for advertising dollars. With that in mind, the recent launch of an audacious new division at Elite, titled Elite + caught the attention of OTM. First it was the board, ranging from Victoria’s Secret star Alessandra Ambrosio to the super-cool young actress Kate Nauta that sparked interest. Next it was a series of conversations with the architects of that board, Conor Kennedy and Richard Habberly that drove us to dig deeper. Is this kind of endeavor the future of modeling? Here is the point of view signaling from Elite + right this minute.
    MDC: Why did you feel the added service of Elite + was necessary?


    Tags: super-cool | re-positioning | catalysts | Nauta | YEARS | unaware | titled | talent | sparked | Series | ranging | RADICAL | publicists | musicians | Model | Managers | launch | FLANK | Fashion | faced | EXECUTED | dollars | demand | competing | business | audacious | attitude | Attention | Agents | Advertising | actress | Actors | Victoria | report | primary | kate | holllywood | ELITE | Culture | ambrosio | Alessandra


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