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  • 03:12:33 pm on January 11, 2007 | 0

    Is poker a game of chance, skill or combination of the two? Jurors are being asked to answer that very question as part of a landmark case to determine whether a Central London Club was illegally holding two poker games under the 1968 Gaming Act.
    The outcome could affect the future of poker in UK pubs.
    The UK’s 1968 Gaming Act states that a license is needed to host games of chance such as bingo, roulette, blackjack and poker, but not games of skill, like chess, dominoes, cribbage, bridge or quiz machines.
    Poker players say the law is unfair because poker is essentially a game of skill. They claim that even bridge has an element of chance because it starts with cards being shuffled, as they are in poker, or chess when a coin is tossed to decide who starts.


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