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  • 05:38:22 pm on January 22, 2007 | 0

    openPR) – Ettlingen – Web 2.0 describes a new generation of the Internet, which is fitted to each customer. “Personalization” and interactive participation are the catchwords for the new version of the web. Platforms like wikipedia®, YouTube ™ or SecondLife® show the success of the Web 2.0. They profit from the participation of the users and from user-generated content.
    The Internet becomes more personal. Nevertheless it is not so personal like the real life. For example, users are confronted with texts, pictures and videos in online shops. Compared to a shopping mall users cannot see any salesmen and saleswomen. So the Web 2.0 seems to be relatively impersonal in spite of the personalization. At this point a new technological product of a German company takes remedial action. PlusContact Promotion (Ettlingen, Germany) wants to make the Internet more personal with its new service “Your actor on the Internet” (YAOTI;


    Tags: Ettlingen | Wikipedia | participation | generation | CUSTOMER | becomes | YouTube | Web | Technology | platforms | Michael Fomkin | internet | Germany


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