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  • 06:28:37 pm on January 27, 2007 | 0

    On Jan. 17, “American Idol” aired its auditions from Seattle. The program showcased two young men who were competing to be sent to Hollywood to appear on this season’s show. Both men had obvious handicaps. The judges were cruel to them, and Simon Cowell even went as far as to tell one of the young men that he had “bulging eyes” and “looked like a monkey.” The cruel treatment of these two men went far beyond the “teasing” and nasty remarks usually associated with Cowell.
    Have we as a society stooped so low that we have to get our entertainment by making fun of our most fragile and challenged citizens? I am asking that decent people boycott “American Idol” and stop patronizing the companies that sponsor the show. Their names are listed on the “American Idol” Web site.


    Tags: Seattle | Michael Fomkin | IDOL | hollywood | Culture | American


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