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  • 05:48:01 pm on January 27, 2007 | 0

    Washington, Jan 27: Victoria ‘Posh Spice’ Beckham has a new hobby to keep her occupied – blogging.
    Posh, who is getting set to move to the US with hubby David Beckham later this year when he starts playing for American soccer club LA Galaxy in July, has been posting small missives to fans on her website,
    In her latest post, titled “Greetings from L.A.,” the singer-turned-designer gushed about the reception she had received from fans in the US, while on her recent house-hunting trip there.
    “I`ve been so touched by the support from all the people we`ve met. People in the street have been calling out things like `Welcome home, we`re so excited you`re here.` That has been fantastic, and one of the best things about this trip,” People magazine quoted her, as writing in her blog.


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