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  • 05:14:43 pm on January 30, 2007 | 0

    LONDON: Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty has said her vile tormentor on a British television reality show Jade Goody is a “pathetic specimen” who needs professional help but she would still beg India to forgive the Briton.
    Fresh from her triumph in the Celebrity Big Brother reality show, Shilpa expressed shock after watching the full footage of the series where fellow contestants Jade Goody, Jo and Danielle spit out cruel taunts at her.
    “I did not know all that had gone on. They are so mean. Why did not someone stop them? It hurts me deeply,” she said.
    Thirty-year-old Shilpa told the Daily Mirror how the verbal assaults she suffered almost made her quit as they “completely broke” her within. However, she said the racist bullying ordeal had been a battle between right and wrong and the end right won.
    Shilpa, who said that she is inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, was stunned to learn the race row had sparked international fury with angry Indians taking to the street in protest at her outrageous treatment.


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