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  • 04:28:29 pm on February 5, 2007 | 0

    If you want to know what the next iPod will look like, go to and watch the demo for the coming iPhone.
    Since Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, which goes on sale in June from Cingular Wireless, much has been said and written about how revolutionary it will be. That’s all well and good, but one aspect has been overlooked: How will this impact the iPod?
    The answer is, quite a bit. Already, Apple executives are calling the iPhone the best iPod the company has built. Do you think all that really cool technology, particularly the touch screen, only will be used on a phone that starts at $500?
    Hardly. Put me on the record as saying you’ll see a touch-screen iPod this fall, a few months after the buzz of the iPhone launch settles and a few months before the key holiday sales season kicks in.


    Tags: sale | inspires | iPod | iPhone | generation | Technology


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