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  • 09:01:28 pm on February 8, 2007 | 0

    As the fastest growing News Blogging site on the Internet, USAVoice has certainly received its share of attention. While most of the information written about USAVoice is accurate, some information is blatantly false and even defamatory or libelous.
    Today most companies of any significance are the target of hate or attack sites engaged in posting derogatory reports for the purpose of harming the business. To see for yourself perform a Google search for the following terms: “PayPal”, “Microsoft evil”, or “Wal-Mart sucks”. By conducting these searches, you will find a ton of negative (and generally untrue) information on these companies. Invariably, almost as soon as a company is becomes successful and is welcomed into the “big leagues”, it is welcomed into the world of Internet attacks.
    The purpose of this site is twofold:
    1. To explain to average consumers why hate sites and negative attacks exist and how to separate fact from fiction; and
    2. To provide the truthful and accurate information about USAVoice.


    Tags: USAVoice | Site | information | Politics | internet


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