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  • 02:43:24 pm on February 9, 2007 | 0

    LEGALLY BLONDE – A Pink Bombshell! KAREN MASON – Love is in the air, THE DYING GAUL – Remarkable acting!
    by Buzzin’ Lee Hartgrave‚ Feb. 08‚ 2007
    Snappy songs, sensational choreography and outrageously sexy… pretty much sums up the Vision of Pink on the Golden Gate Stage.
    Here is a self-centered Malibu girl who has a great body, a beautiful head of natural blonde hair and a self-centered boyfriend, who sings to her “Let’s Be Serious”. She thinks that he is talking ‘proposal’, but what he is really saying is that he’s done Marilyn now and needs to switch to someone more like a Jackie Kennedy. After all, he is going to Harvard Law School and a blonde bimbo is not exactly the image that he wants to be seen with. Yeah, she’s a beauty…but his career is more important at the moment.


    Tags: Gaul | acting | remarkable | pink | Michael Fomkin | mason | LEGALLY | karen | Harvard | dying | Culture | BOMBSHELL | Blonde


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