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  • 05:31:17 pm on February 14, 2007 | 0

    Feb. 19, 2007 issue – Beth Miller—an Atlanta mother with daughters 5, 7 and 12 years old—will visit the new American Girl doll store when it opens in her city this fall. “I’m sure I will have to,” she says. AG owner Mattel is counting on moms like Miller to boost its $440 million in revenue last year—up just 1 percent from $436 million in 2005. “We wanted to bring the success of our flagships to smaller markets where we know we have customers,” says AG president Ellen Brothers. Last year 3 million people made pilgrimages to the three existing AG stores in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles to ogle the $87 dolls and their pricey accessories. This fall Mattel is opening AG “boutiques” in Atlanta and Dallas. The new stores will be smaller, without live theater. “The big, big stores are a once-in-a-lifetime


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