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  • 05:17:28 pm on March 7, 2007 | 0

    Wouldn’t it be great to use your mind to control a video game just like a Jedi knight uses “the Force.”
    That’s what San Francisco-based start-up Emotiv Systems hopes to do with a new headset that could debut next year.
    Nam Do, chief executive, and Tan Le, president, told the Mercury News their company has created a brain-computer interface that detects thoughts through sensors in a helmet and translates them into actions on the screen. It can also detect facial expressions, like a smile or a grimace, and translate those as well.
    Today, the company is releasing tools developers can use to create games that take advantage of its system. I saw a demo of the technology in San Francisco as part of the Game Developers Conference, which runs through Friday.
    “The future is brain-based technology,” Do said. “The next generation of man-machine interface will not just be limited to physical control with a traditional joystick. We can use your conscious and non-conscious behavior and apply it across a wide variety of areas.”
    Le added, “It’s been everybody’s ultimate fantasy to control things with their brain in a game.”


    Tags: video | Games | brain | adds | Technology | start-up | San Francisco


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