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  • 09:43:56 pm on March 29, 2007 | 1

    X Dance is a Chicago area dance club, we are not a bar. We are a club that was started in February of 2001 by Jim Becker. The club was started to bring dancers together and do just that, DANCE. You may ask, ?What is the X for?? The answer, X is the variable dance is what we do. We hire the best DJ?s in the Chicagoland area to keep you dancing all night long. Our DJ?s play a variety of music for your enjoyment. At X Dance we dance West coast Swing, Hustle, Night Club, Two Step and Waltz. Our dances are held in Franklin Park off of 294 and Irving Park road, just minutes from O’Hare Airport. We hold our dances on the 2nd and fourth Fridays every month. We get anywhere from 70-200 people at our dances on a given Friday. Doors open at 7pm. We generally have a Beginner Class from 7:30-8pm followed by an Intermediate Class from 8-9pm. The classes are followed by open dancing from 9-12am. We hire local instructors to teach our classes. We also bring in top name instructors from across the nation for classes and weekend workshops. If you would like more information on what X Dance has to offer to contact Jim Becker at 312-719-3117


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