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  • 11:24:12 am on April 11, 2007 | 0

    NEW research would have us believe diets do not work.
    This is not true – diets DO work, if you find one you enjoy which suits your lifestyle and that you can follow for the long term.
    The latest study from the University of California shows that two thirds of dieters pile the pounds back on as soon as they hit their target weight.
    It also says this yo-yo dieting could be damaging to health. But some obesity experts say that even losing weight for short spells is still beneficial to your health. In fact, the study also shows that 33 per cent of slimmers not only manage to lose the stones, but keep them off. Losing weight improves their quality of life and their long-term health.


    Tags: Michael Fomkin | Health | DIETS


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